In Christ Alone: Our Journey through and after Breast Cancer

a 37-year old, christian, mother of four, missionary/pastor's wife and her families story

Wilmeth Wire Update 03.31.11 March 31, 2011

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for praying! We wanted to give you a quick update about the last few days.

Amy’s first chemo treatment was last Friday and it went very smoothly. No bad reactions to the medicine and no immediate bad responses. She felt good throughout the weekend; God provided strength for her while we were in Alton, IL.

Our visit with Brown Street Baptist Church went great! They are a great church family and we are thankful we got to meet them, worship with them, minister to them, and be ministered to by them. They will be voting at the end of April on whether they will be able to take us on for financial support. We have already gained many faithful prayer partners from amongst them. While we were there we also got to go see a statue of Alton’s gentle giant, Robert Wadlow. I know I am not a tall man but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as short as I did next to the 8’11” Wadlow statue. 🙂

On our return trip from Alton on Monday, Amy began to feel the affects of the chemo and was very tired on the whole trip. Praise the Lord she was not nauseous at all during the trip (or since) which was a great answer to prayer. The trip could have been very long but God provided a smooth, quick drive home. The next couple of days for Amy were pretty tired ones filed with flu like symptoms but today has been much better. Other than getting tired pretty easy she has felt pretty good.

Thank you very much for your prayers and all the great notes of encouragement; you have been a great encouragement to our family. We have thanked God for each and every one of you. We pray that your walk and trust in your Savior is strengthened each and every day. He alone is worthy of our praise and our trust.

Amy’s next chemo treatment will be on tax day (April 15th). Please keep praying with us that God will continue to use us as His instruments to reach others and bring glory to Himself on this journey.


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