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Hope when facing difficult situations! April 15, 2011

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I have had another successful chemo day!  I know that this is an answer to all the prayers you have given on my behalf.  God is so good all the time!  I should feel good for the weekend from the steroids they gave me with the chemo. Pray that I will not have bad side effects on Monday and Tuesday when it hits me.

If you are facing a hard situation and need to have the hope only God can give you, I want to share something with you.  This past Sunday my hubby Eric preached a sermon from Romans 5 about how we can have hope and peace.  I blinked back tears listening to it, because that is exactly the hope and peace that God has given me for this journey!  (And for the record I am not a crier, so that’s saying a lot!)  I have this amazing peace that God is with me and will get me through this.  He will use this for His honor and glory no matter what happens.  I don’t have to worry about it, because God is in control.  I will just take things one day at a time with this hope in my loving and faithful God!

Please listen to this sermon entitled Lemons or Lemonade if you are facing a difficult time and be encouraged in the Lord.  Even if you are not currently facing a difficult situation, you will at some point in your life and you will need this Hope.

If I can pray for you, please let me know.  One of my prayers as I face this situation is to be an encouragement to others in their walk with God and to see others come to know Christ as their Savior!  Please let me know if you are an answer to that prayer.  I have received 3 specific answers already and know that what I’m facing is worth it to see God working through me!  Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement.  I am looking forward to how God will continue to work!

Lemons or Lemonade:


One Response to “Hope when facing difficult situations!”

  1. Jacob Says:

    Somehow, i totally missed this news from you. My wife and i will be praying and we will be adding more tomorrow at our prayer meeting.

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