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“Good News & Not Bad News” August 29, 2011

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This was the statement the surgeon started off with today at my follow up consult this morning, “I have good news and not bad news.”  (At least we didn’t hear “I have bad news for you” again!)  The good news is it looks like we got ALL the cancer!!! 🙂  The “not bad” news is that one of the margins is not as large as we like.  There is a less than 0.2 mm clear margin on one edge. He explained that while some surgeons may consider this good enough, their group has the practice of having at least 1mm clear and therefore has a very low rate of recurrence.  After some more explanation and discussing my options, he left the call up to us…so now I will have another surgery tomorrow morning!

This surgery will be another outpatient surgery, but even shorter than the last one.  He said probably about a half an hour. He’ll go in through the same incision again and take just a little more on the one edge.

We really felt that this is something we may regret later if we do not do it now, especially if I have a recurrence in the future.  I would rather take care of it now with a simple surgery than deal with what might happen if I don’t.  I am praising God for a good, honest surgeon who wants the best possible outcome for me from all of this.

I am also VERY thankful that all the cancer is gone and I do not have to go on to the mastectomy option after going through all of this already.  We’re praying it will be another easy surgery tomorrow and then on to the next step of radiation.  Keep your prayers coming as I have surgery at 9:30am tomorrow (8-30-11).  I know that all your prayers have made a HUGE difference in helping me through these surgeries and keeping my eyes on the Lord through everything!  God is good, all the time!


One Response to ““Good News & Not Bad News””

  1. Connie Says:

    Tell that surgeon that we are praying for a special blessing for him in his integrity and transparency!
    Praise the Lord and WOW, Amy, you certainly win the “Patience of Job 2011” award (if there was one…)

    See you guys SOON….I’ll have the S’mores forks cleaned & ready!
    The Pitcher gang

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