In Christ Alone: Our Journey through and after Breast Cancer

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Scans All Clear! April 2, 2012

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Since it has now been a year since the beginning of my cancer journey, I had my annual scans done on Wednesday. I had many people ask me if I was nervous about this. I am so thankful that God has grown my faith to the point where I could answer, “No, I’m not nervous.” I know that whatever the results, whether that be more cancer or the all clear, that God will get me through that too! He has been faithful for the past year, and he will continue to be faithful no matter what my circumstances are. “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” Phil. 4:13

The results are in and show I am all clear at this point! There was nothing new or to be concerned about. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness! Thank you all for you support and prayers. God is good all the time!

I am down to single digits of radiation treatments to go, with only 9 left! April 13th should be my last treatment. My skin is getting pretty red now with the radiation “sunburn”. I am now having to put on my ointment 3 times a day, but so far my skin has not been too itchy! My oncologist is giving me Friday off from radiation this week, so I can celebrate my mom’s birthday with her on Friday (Happy Birthday, Mom!), celebrate Easter with family on Saturday, and celebrate Easter with our church family on Sunday. So many great reasons to celebrate and wonderful people to celebrate with! Our lives are so precious and can be snuffed out so easily. It’s truly amazing to have hope in our risen Savior Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for me and you! If you have not trusted in Christ’s power and received His gift of salvation, I hope you will consider it this week as we celebrate Easter. To learn more about God’s gift to you, please read my page on my Hope & Strength.

Today as we celebrated Palm Sunday or Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem before His crucifixion and resurrection, I was challenged by some of the details of the story. Jesus told the disciples where to go and what to say to get the donkey and colt He would ride into Jerusalem fulfilling the prophecies of the Old Testament. He told them, “If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord has need of them,’ and immediately he will send them.” (Matt. 21:3) Apparently that was good enough for whoever owned this donkey and colt. They immediately gave them, no questions asked. That person didn’t stop to think about what they would do to get by without that donkey and colt or if they had enough money to get new ones if needed or how much they would miss having them in their day to day life. They knew the Lord had need of them, and gave them immediately.

Is God challenging you to give up something for Him today? Are you willing to give it, no questions asked? We so often get attached to the things of this world and are unwilling to give them up. We like our things or our lives the way they are. But when we don’t give up those things when God asks, we are missing out on His blessings and allowing those things to hinder our relationship with a loving Father who wants to bless us. Don’t hold back; give it over to Him today!


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