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Amazing Day of Hope, Love & Provision! December 3, 2012

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What an AMAZING day!!! I know words will not do justice to the hope, love, and provision we have experienced, but I will attempt to share the story of this unbelievably overwhelming day with you.

It began with a wonderful morning in church where my husband preached a sermon entitled “A Real Christian has Hope!” Have you thought about how the hope we have in God is different than the hope of the world? There will always be a certain amount of doubt in the hopes we have apart from God. We cannot know for sure that what we hope for will come about. But with God, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that His promises are true and sure and we can trust in Him. If you do not have this sure hope, I encourage you to listen to this sermon online to find out how you too can have a sure hope in your future to stand on in your times of hardship. If you have this hope already in your life, are you living it out so others can see it? Our hope should cause our faith to grow, in turn causing our hope to increase in a never ending circle. I pray that each of you will experience this amazing hope and increased faith that God gives to those who seek Him.

Next, our church that God has called us to help start, Bennington Baptist Church, held their annual business meeting. They voted to pay our health insurance premiums for the coming year, so that Eric will not need to seek additional full time employment in order to provide our family with insurance. He will be able to focus his time and energy fully on his pastoral and missionary responsibilities and caring for our family as I go through cancer treatments again. This is a HUGE need that God has provided through these faithful members committing this support for the next 12 months! This is a big step of faith for this small group to take this on, but they are trusting God will provide over the coming year and bless and grow our church!

Finally, we were so very, very blessed to see the community of Bennington and friends and family come together to show their love and support for our family at our Fundraiser Sunday afternoon! There were 700 people in attendance, with 75 volunteers helping out to make the day a HUGE success! ALL the food items for the Spaghetti Dinner and Bake Sale were donated. Over $15,000 in items were donated for the Silent Auction and Raffle Prizes from the community, area businesses, family, and friends. It is absolutely amazing to see how God provided for this event to be such a success!

We are so very thankful to those who spent so much time and energy planning this event over the past month. It was a huge undertaking that took many hours of service that means so much to us. The event was incredibly AMAZING and you thought of everything to ensure every aspect of the day ran smoothly, without a hitch! Thank you to all the volunteers and donors that helped out in some way! Each person and their contribution played a vital part in making the entire day so special to us.

We had the most wonderful time seeing many, many friends and family that are so dear to our hearts, as well as meeting new people with such caring hearts and words of hope. You each blessed and encouraged our hearts so much, and I pray we were able to bless and encourage you as well! We know many friends were not able to be at the event, but were praying and supporting us in other ways. We thank God for the unbelievable blessings we have received through so many wonderful people whenever we think of you!

We are humbled that God would choose to bless our family in such amazing ways through all of you. While we do not have official numbers to share yet, we have been assured that the total amount raised will be BIG! We never imagined that God would do anything like this in our lives, and we continue to be in awe of His provision.

“And my God will supply ALL your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 4:19-20


2 Responses to “Amazing Day of Hope, Love & Provision!”

  1. Wanda Taylor Says:

    PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE HOPE HE PROVIDES! We are rejoicing with you in this great help and encouragement in your time of need. Praise the Lord for the church family, the volunteers, the community . . . so many who gave of themselves. What a blessing! We trust that you will continue to see HIS hand of provision and peace!

  2. Judy Swope-Connie Pitcher's mom at Slater Baptist Church Says:

    Praise the Lord and Wow ! He has proven himself again and again and chose to do it in a big way. Thank God for his goodness to you and your family. God has touched many hearts I am sure and we continue to pray that souls will be saved through God’ revealing himself through you and your family. Thank you for your faithfulness to him. You and your family have encouraged our hearts that God is still at work.

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