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A Full Room & A Full Day March 2, 2013

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Friday was a full day for us with doctor appointments and double chemotherapy. Leaving home at 9am, we got to start the day with a visit to my OB! We heard Asher’s perfect little heart beat and he is measuring good still. He is very active these days and even the kids are enjoying getting to feel and see him move around in my tummy! God continues to protect our little miracle as he grows and develops. 🙂 We get to have another ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks to check his development. We would like to wait as long as possible before we induce him to be born, so he can grow and develop as needed and reduce any risks to him being too premature.

Next, we headed over to my chemo office for blood work, appointment, and both chemotherapy treatments-my 2nd weekly dose of Taxotere and my 2nd 3-week dose of Cytoxan. By the time we finished chemo and returned home after picking up the kids it was after 5pm, so it was a full day at the doctors’ offices! Be praying that the undesired side affects from chemo won’t be as bad this week and that the desired affect of the cancer shrinking will occur! The tumor has still held steady-we have not seen it shrink yet, but, praise the Lord, it not grown that we can tell since beginning these 2 new chemotherapy treatments 3 weeks ago!

I was able to catch up with all of my chemo buddies and make some new ones this week as the chemo room was full when we got there and continued to be full throughout the day! It is so encouraging to have that support group there as we are getting chemo to share our struggles and our triumphs with those that understand exactly the situation that you are going through. I am SO incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to share in each of your lives and pray for you and hopefully encourage you on your cancer journeys! God gives us all the hope and the strength we need for each day!

The past week has been one of my harder weeks after chemo treatment. I have definitely been even more fatigued the past three weeks since switching to the new chemos. The Taxotere I started last week did not affect my blood counts as the Cytoxan did, so they were all still looking very good today! In order to start the Taxotere last Friday without any allergic reactions(another answer to prayer!), I did need to receive extra steroids in my premeds to chemo, as well as taking steroid pills twice a day for 3 days. I was hoping the side affects from this high dose of steroids wouldn’t be as bad as my very first chemo treatment 2 years ago, but that was not the case. My body did have the “crash” coming off of the steroids on Monday night and was EXTREMELY sensitive to light, sound, and even touch. This required being in a dark room, wearing sunglasses, trying not to move too much or listen to things that were too loud for about 36 hours. Thankfully, my wonderful husband was feeling great during that time and able to take care of me and our precious family during that time. And thankfully it lasted only a short time, and I will hopefully not have to endure those severe side effects going forward with lower doses of steroids with my future chemo treatments. 🙂

This extra “time away” also gave me great opportunity to listen to uplifting music, listen to my audio bible, and pray for many of you that God brought to mind, my friends and faithful encouragers, as you face challenges in your lives as well! I hope you were able to experience God’s love and power in your lives because of my prayers for you, as I am so encouraged and strengthened by your prayers. The power of prayer is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much to all of you who faithfully pray for me and encourage me! I could not do this without you!

God revealed to me this week that even though I am facing my own physical challenges, I am called to use each day He gives me on this earth to show Christ’s love to those around me. I want to become more like Christ each day and in each opportunity I have, whether it is at a doctor’s office, or serving those in my local church or my community or my family, or doing those few other activities that God gives me the strength to do.

My circumstances do NOT change my heart’s desires and aims in the plan God has for me. Some may argue that this “plan” God has for me is hard, but what I need to do in this situation is still the same according to Jesus in Matthew 22: “love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” and “love your neighbor as yourself.” Everything depends on following these two commands. God has loved me so much that He gave His only Son to die for my sins and yours, so I can have the gift of going to heaven some day to live in that perfect home with Him forever and ever. So how can I do anything but “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service” (Romans 12:1) while I am here on this imperfect earth in this imperfect body. My suffering is for such a short time compared with the time I will spend in perfect peace with Him forever and ever. I pray that I, and you that read this, will take each day God gives us on this earth to show the love Jesus Christ had for others:

Love God.  Love your neighbor as yourself.


2 Responses to “A Full Room & A Full Day”

  1. Wanda Taylor Says:

    Thank you once again for your uplifting words . . . reminding us to keep the focus right . . . on HIM and OTHERS! Have a blessed day. We continued to specifically pray for you!

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