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Surgery Update & Birthday Celebration April 18, 2015

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Thank you so much to all who were praying for me, my surgeon, and all the medical staff yesterday! God answered those prayers and everything went well!

I had a new experience with having an IV placed in my foot this time. (I’ve had lymph nodes out on the left arm, they were doing surgery on the right, and it was too close to use my port.) It was a challenge to find a vein with no food or drink after midnight the night before. The foot is definitely more sensitive, but the nurse was able to get it in on the third try and it worked perfectly.

The surgery went just as planned. My surgeon removed the tumor from the right lymph gland. He said it did go in deaper than what we could feel from the outside, but he didn’t think it had gotten to the lymph nodes at all! He did take a couple of the closest lymph nodes to send to pathology.

While my surgeon worked in the lymph gland area, his resident removed the mass from my lower chest/upper abdominal area. This was a fairly easy procedure, removing the tumor located just under the skin and some of the surrounding tissue to send to pathology as well. So now we wait for the results of the pathology report to determine the next step in my cancer journey.

After surgery they gave me some anti-nausea medicine and Tylenol, before sending me home. I am a bit sore, but haven’t needed to take any more meds! I was very tired after surgery and rested for most of the late afternoon and evening.

I was able to come downstairs for a birthday cupcake celebration for Asher’s 2nd birthday! It was so cute to hear him saying “choc-let, choc-let” over and over when he saw his yummy chocolate cupcakes his brother and sister had made for him! It’s hard to believe our Happy Birthday, Asher!miracle baby is now 2 years old! He has lived up to his name and brought much “happiness and joy” to our family and so many others! 🙂 Happy birthday, Asher! ❤

2 Year Old Asher!


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