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Amazing Adventures, Answers, & Awe November 11, 2015

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The Wilmeth Family enjoying God's beautiful & magnificent masterpiece and blessings in Florida!

The Wilmeth Family enjoying God’s beautiful & magnificent masterpiece and blessings in Florida!

We once again cannot express in words our thanks to so many who have helped bear our burdens and experience a time of respite on our journey. We stand in awe of how God orchestrated so many people and details to come together in such a short time for such a huge blessing in our trip to Florida!
Sometimes in the midst of our trials and the difficulties of everyday life, it is hard to see and believe in the promised blessings from God. We don’t see, from our human perspective, any possible way for things to get better or that God can deliver us from what we are facing. But if we patiently wait on the Lord, He will accomplish His purposes and shower down His blessings in due time! I hope our story of blessings will help you take heart and patiently wait and trust in God’s perfect plan and timing in your life!
Psalm 34:8,10 says:
“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
…Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”

Our trip to Florida was an Amazing Adventure for our family that we never really dreamed would be possible and that we will never forget! Here are some of the details God orchestrated:
Cancer Treatment – My doctor wanted me to take at least one week off of my chemo before we left on our trip to ensure my white blood cell counts and platelet counts were high enough to keep me from getting sick or having issues while we were gone. Then I would also be off chemo the week we were gone. Any time I have taken more than 1 week off of treatment my cancer has begun to grow at a rather alarming rate. Also, the timing of the trip would require me to have chemo 3 weeks in a row before these 2 weeks off. Normally my body can only handle 2 weeks in a row and then requires a week off to recover. We knew that God had worked out all of the details of getting the trip in place for this time, so He could work out these details in my treatment schedule as well! And He did! I was able (1) to tolerate 3 weeks of chemo in a row, (2) my counts recovered for the trip, and (3) my cancer only had minimal growth while I was off chemo for 2 weeks!!!! Praise God for working out these details of my cancer treatment! What amazing answers to our prayers!
Good health, strength, & energy – Many, many prayers were brought on behalf of my energy levels. The longer I am on chemo, the more and more fatigued I have become and the longer it takes for my body to bounce back. There were so many amazing things we wanted to do and experience together as a family in Florida that we will probably never have the opportunity to do together again, so we knew only God’s strength would allow us to do them all. God answered these prayers and gave all of us strength, energy, and good health to enjoy so many experiences together! Eric’s sister was also able to join us on the trip and help out with Asher and the kids, so Eric and I didn’t expend all our energy just getting ready for each day. More amazing blessings!
Rejoicing in the Lord – We did exciting and exhilarating things and we were also able to relax and enjoy time together as a family. We saw God’s amazing creation in interesting animals and creatures of the sea. We saw God’s amazing handiwork in the ocean waves and His specially crafted masterpiece in the beautiful sunset on the beach. We were able to give thanks to God each day for His blessings and the many who had made these experiences possible for us!
Generous donors to provide for every need – It was also quite amazing just to see God work out all the details to get the trip in place in the time of about one month! From the gifted plane tickets, to park and attraction tickets and hotel accommodations from the Memories of Love Foundation, to the rental car expenses, to unique dining and excursion experiences, to souvenirs to remind us of this Amazing Florida Adventure, everything was provided for! Every time a different item came up on our list in planning for the trip, we received a gift or gift card to cover it completely! God amazingly provided for every detail through so many generous and loving individuals! We truly did not “lack any good thing” on our Adventure!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who prayed for us and/or gave a gift to make this trip possible! We are going through our pictures and I hope to share more details with you soon of our Adventure and some lessons God is teaching as we reflect on this experience! Today I will leave you with a highlight reel of pictures to give you a taste of our Adventure. “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (Psalm 34:8)



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  1. Randy Says:

    Praise God !!!
    So happy for your family. God is in the business of creating miracles.
    Prayers !!!

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