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The Brain Plan May 9, 2016

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“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thes. 5:16-18)We have much to rejoice in and give thanks for! In the midst of this new bend in the road I’m thankful for a God who is not surprised and is worthy of our thanks, praise, and prayers. I am so thankful for the options that I have before me and the optimistic outlook of all my doctors and surgeons.

I definitely have some challenges before me too. I have lost some of my freedoms that I took for granted before. I am now on an anti-seizure medicine called Keppra that makes me very drowsy and in a fog most of the day. I am also restricted from driving for 3 months. This means I can no longer drive myself to my treatments or go anywhere without a driver. Although the doctors don’t think I need to worry about more seizures while on the Keppra, I am not to be alone either, just in case something were to happen. So I am adjusting to a new normal on many levels for the foreseeable future. My amazing hubby Eric is taking good care of me and keeping a close eye on me. 🙂

After talking to the neurosurgeon and my radiation oncologist today, they agree that the Gamma Knife Procedure is the best option before me. With two tumors in two different locations, traditional brain surgery isn’t a viable option. That leaves whole brain radiation or the Gamma Knife Radiation as my two main options. Whole brain radiation would have many more possible adverse side effects, as it would radiate healthy brain tissue as well as the cancerous cells. The Gamma Knife Procedure will take images from MRI and CT Scans to target only the cancerous tumor cells, leaving the healthy brain cells unaffected. The doctors think I’m an ideal candidate for the Gamma Knife Procedure, given my current condition. We can radiate the two tumors the same day and monitor the results through scans.

The procedure will take a couple of weeks to schedule. We have to go through the preauthorization process for insurance and then coordinate the schedules of my neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist, and availability of the radiation machine. The process was initiated today, so the ball is rolling getting all the ducks in a row to do the procedure as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support in this time of scheduling and adjusting to a new normal way of life for the time being. We have been so encouraged by all the emails, messages, texts, and calls that you are thinking of us and praying fervently for us! We know God hears and is answering those prayers. Rejoice and give thanks with us for answered prayer and good treatment options before us! As 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, this is God’s will for us, to rejoice always. He is working out His perfect plan through these circumstances.


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  1. Rhonda Martin Says:

    Praying for health and healing. I absolutely love your positive attitude!

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